Welcome to my website,

I’m currently mainly using this website as a way to collect where you, can get in touch with me. So this website is in a way the center of my digital life.



Email: temp (-a-)
This e-mail forwards your email to my usual e-mail. Please, don’t save this e-mail since I change it from time to time.

Skype – Skottet
Please write who you are and if I don’t know you, please write why you want to add me.


Social Networks:
Facebook is my private social network.
If you have been in contact with me at some point, then you are welcome to add me on LinkedIn.
Twitter for me is an open network; you are welcome to follow me, if you want to!
This is the place where I share a lot of videos that I watch, and like.
Google+ is a network that I’m currently not using that much. But I’m checking it from time to time.
I upload pictures on Instagram of what is happening right now and of things I think is fun and interesting.


I use Spotify for all my music and you can find my Spotify account here.